Tailored Spray Guidelines & Programmes

We can provide you with a spray programme tailored to your cropping needs. These guidelines are based on industry best practice and resistance management strategies, and IFP principles where possible.

We can also tailor nutrition guidelines for all plants through our industry-leading nutrition suppliers.

Independent Spray Advice

Many other chemical retailers have supply agreements with chemical suppliers and manufacturers, and in our opinion this can influence the advice they give and the products they want to sell you. As we are not governed by exclusive supply agreements, we can provide you with the best solution for your situation, without having to follow ‘company policy’. It’s the right product and the right advice for the right price.

Soil & Plant Sampling

We have a relationship with both Hills Laboratory & Mantissa. They specialise in testing soil nutrition, and conducting leaf tests, fruitlet tests, grape juice tests, and fluorometry. We can then provide you with nutrition recommendations to improve both your crop production and plant health.

Industry Updates & Local Knowledge

Growing up on an orchard, I know the importance of local knowledge. Because we have a large local client base, we see what other growers are doing, how they are getting on with the season, and what issues they are having – the ‘grapevine’ so to speak. This sense of community helps us keep on top of problems before they arise, and this reassures growers that they’re on the right track.

We keep a close eye on industry bodies and their work, advice and models, and we use this to help in our decision making process.

We send out regular newsletters keeping you up to date with any changes in the industry, progress reports on the growing season, and relevant product knowledge.

Delivery Services

As we don’t have the high overheads of a retail store, we personally deliver most orders within Hawke’s Bay – and it’s on the house. Otherwise we can arrange for you to pick up your purchase from our depot.  We are available for deliveries anytime throughout the peak growing season, including weekends!  For those clients outside of Hawke’s Bay, we can get your order delivered direct from the supplier, often at no cost, or we can freight to your door from our depot (charges apply).

A Locally-owned Business supporting other Locally-owned Businesses

As a family-owned business in Hawke’s Bay, it is important to us to see you succeed. We want to support you any way we can. I am happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

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