We aim to provide you with the right products to suit your individual needs.  We have access to a comprehensive supply network, so if there is something specific that you require, we are more than happy to help.  For individual product information, please refer to our suppliers whose websites are listed on our Links page.


Crop Protection
With the help of our supply partners, we can provide you with most of your crop protection requirements regarding fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, in keeping with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

We understand resistance management practices, export requirements regarding spray residues, and what it’s like to grow good food. We have a good understanding of plant processes and your bottom line.

Product choices are based on your needs, and we are not bound to any exclusive supply agreements. Therefore, we are truly independent and are free from industry influence. Exclusive supply agreements cause bias towards those products as large companies make very good margins on them. So they push these products to growers which may not be in your best interest, something we feel very strongly about.

My family grew apples and grapes in Hawke’s Bay, so as a young boy I helped my parents work the land and soon realised how the growing year can affect your livelihood. I know the importance of good-value products and independent advice, and how this can make or break your business.

We are all about providing the right products at the right time for the best value.

Scott 027 467 8776   |   scott@hortpro.co.nz

Crop Nutrition
BSTEPHENSON_141017_0132-WEBPOSI-smWe can provide you with all your crop nutrition requirements related to plant health and soil vitality.

There are many ‘snake oil’ merchants out there, so it’s essential that we have high quality products and advice to maximise your crop, and your return. Many of the products we source have been tested in the field and are supported by research results.

With the support of our supply partners, our focus is on ensuring you achieve maximum improved results by using correct nutrition at the right time.

I am happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

Scott 027 467 8776   |   scott@hortpro.co.nz