We’re well in to the busiest time of the season, so here at HortPro we’ve come up with some really good options if you’re considering post-harvest nutrition.


How it Works

During Autumn, as with most deciduous plants, nutrients are withdrawn into the plant from the leaves prior to leaf fall. Post-harvest is a critical period for applying soil-based and foliar fertilisers, as the plants are actively moving nutrients from the leaves to the woody tissue and the trunk to store these elements as a food source over winter. Post-harvest nutrition makes use of the last opportunity of the canopy before it falls away, to bump up carbohydrate reserves in the woody tissues to help with next year’s new growing buds. The healthier the buds, the better the natural selection of next year’s crop will be.

This is especially important for trees destined to be sprayed with dormancy breakers. Early breaking buds will require as much available nutrients as possible in that colder period. Having those essential nutrients available ensures trees get the kick start, and even the budburst that dormancy breakers are designed to deliver.


Leaf Uptake

Foliar applications are used as an immediate supply of plant nutrition directly to the canopy. It bypasses the complex soil chemistry – this often binds up much of what is applied and also takes a lot longer for the plant to access as it has to move the minerals up into the canopy.  The post-harvest nutrient input window is relatively small, making foliar application the most efficient application method to ensure certain elements such as Boron, Zinc and Magnesium are provided quickly and efficiently. You might also want to add Nitrogen to the mix, especially one designed for foliar uptake, to improve the leaves’ ability to form chlorophyll for improved energy production.


Mineral Focus

Thankfully I have the support of Mantissa and their great range of quality nutritional products. Mantissa’s formulations are specially designed for maximising mineral uptake into the leaf. This is important because the sooner the minerals are absorbed inside the leaf, the more quickly the plant can respond to the application.

Product Application Rate
Azofol NS 10L (23% N, 1.5% Mg, 2% S) 5L/Ha
BoroZinc 5kg (13%B, 4%Zn) 3kg/Ha
Fixa Mg 10L  (7% Mg, 8% N chelated) 3L/Ha

Rates are dependent on tree status issues, so if there’s any Magnesium stress over the growing season then you should go with a higher rate. If you are looking for an equivalent to Bud-builder or Budmate then adding these three options together at lower rates is the way to go. I also have product available in larger containers if need be.


Get your Sale on!

Don’t forget, I also have a bit of stock left over from the spraying season if you are looking at decreasing your tax bill at the end of the financial year and want to stock up for next season. Let me know and I can put together a deal for you.


Until then, happy harvesting!