To make great wine, you’ve got to have happy vines, and good grape nutrition starts now.  HortPro is proud to partner up with Mantissa / Agronutrition to help you grow great grapes.

Pre-flowering is where it all starts with good nutrition, and there are 4 key nutrients required for this:

Boron helps boost bud development and protects against cold weather effects.  It also limits hen and chicken.

Zinc is essential for normal leaf development, shoot elongation, pollen development, and to help set fully developed berries in each bunch.

Molybdenum is important to boost plant growth, for pollen formation, fruit set and to reduce shot berries (hen and chicken).

Magnesium is essential in producing chlorophyll for photosynthesis, and good leaf health which drives plants along.

These minerals play a key role in ensuring good crop set and evenness of berries.  Agronutrition have developed two natural seaweed-based vine stimulants to help in this area:

Nexar Mg – Alcygol MoB

Come and join us at the 2015 Romeo Bragato Conference in Napier, and learn how to make your vines happy!