HortPro was started in 2013 as a family-run business to provide competition in Hawke’s Bay. We focus on selling great quality, high value products to growers, orchards and vineyards. We are only small but have some good suppliers on board, notably Adria Crop Protection and Mantissa.

We do not have a retail shop – this keeps costs low for our clients. We do not employ staff, and use third
parties if necessary to arrange delivery – this also allows us to keep a low overhead model.


Why we’re here

My family grew apples and grapes in Hawke’s Bay. Growing up on our family orchard, I helped my parents work the land and soon realised how the growing year affected our livelihood. I know the importance of good-value products and independent advice, and how this can make or break your business.

Since we have opened for business, we have found that many of our clients are not happy with the current commercial retail model – they feel it doesn’t reflect the high value of their business, especially when it comes to correcting errors, product supply problems, and the high overhead structure that inevitably follows.


How it all began

Growing up in a family with a horticulture background, it was natural for me to move into this industry. I worked for several of the larger horticultural retailers, and it was there that I made many lasting relationships. I learned that people wanted more honesty, better value products, and they wanted to see their suppliers using their dollars wisely, namely passing that value back down to them.

Growers were telling me that their current prices were too high – this is partly due to the high service models their suppliers were using, however this isn’t what these growers were after. They said they wanted the right products for better value, and as many of them had been growing for years, they didn’t require such a high level of service.

Thus the seeds for HortPro were planted.


Our mission

We are dedicated to sourcing the best products for the best price, while not compromising on quality and expert advice. We use New Zealand grown companies, laboratories and advisors. We also supply tender pricing for commercial growers.

I am happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.


Scott 027 467 8776   |   scott@hortpro.co.nz